How to Prepare Your Home’s Roof for Winter

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One of the most important parts of your home’s exterior is the roof. We understand it can be difficult to keep up with all the necessary maintenance, especially when there are so many other things on your plate during this time of year. Neglecting your home’s roof can lead to larger and more expensive issues down the line. That’s why it’s important to ensure your roof is routinely checked. Here are some tips to ensure your roof is winter ready!

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

One thing that you should do is to remove any leaves and branches from the roof. The best time for this would be in early fall, before they have a chance to accumulate. This will prevent major weight on your roof as well as potential water damage during winter. You can also clean out gutters of any pine needles or tree seeds which could weigh them down as well as block proper drainage throughout the year. You should never use water to clean off the roof itself, especially if it’s made from asphalt shingles. Water can seep in between layers of these materials over time which could lead to major problems down the line when winter circles back around. Make sure you’re using a safe cleaning agent instead that won’t damage your roof or leave residue behind. There are plenty of organic solutions available online for this purpose!

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Another important tip is to make sure there are no air vents covered up by insulation or anything else that has collected over time, especially if it’s been many years since you’ve done some maintenance around your home. This can cause condensation to build up in between the insulation which will only lead to bigger problems. You should make sure that there is proper air ventilation throughout your home’s attic, so that cold air doesn’t seep in or hot air escape during wintertime. This could lead to potential issues with mold and mildew growth as well if you don’t take care of it promptly!

Inspect Your Roof and Make Repairs

It’s important to know what repairs you need to make and replace missing shingles before the colder months of winter arrive. It is likely that wind and ice will do additional damage to your roof unless it has been properly maintained throughout the year. If you notice missing shingles, they should be replaced as soon as possible with new asphalt tiles. You can also inspect valleys where three roofs come together because water buildup here could lead to potential leaks during wintertime.

JCM Roofing

Whether it’s cleaning the gutters, checking the ventilating or inspecting and repairing any damages, these are all important things that must be done before colder Western New York months arrive. Here at JCM Roofing we know what roofing responsibilities entail during this time of year, and we can prevent more costly issues from happening in future years by taking care of them now! If you would like a free, no obligation estimate for any roofing repairs or a full roof replacement, call us today at ‪(716) 249-0979 or fill out our contact form today!