Since 2009 we have been helping home and property owners throughout Western New York with all of their roof inspection needs, verifying the safety and stability of roofs while helping to get out ahead of potential major roof emergencies while they remain relatively small projects whenever possible. 

Complete Inspection with a Laser-Like Attention to Detail 

All of our roof inspection solutions begin with our team of professional roofing experts arriving on-site with the tools and technology necessary to inspect both the interior and exterior of your roof itself. 

Not only are we going to have a look at the roof from the ground level, but we are also going to scale ladders to get a closer look at everything from your roof itself – constantly taking pictures and inspecting each and every angle to verify that everything is as strong, stable, and safe as it should be. 

Our experts are on the lookout for any evidence or indications of cracks or leaks, inspecting the facia, your gutters and trains, skylights, chimneys, vents, and more. We’re looking at the framing, the sheathing, and the roofing material as well – making sure everything still has plenty of life left in it and offering recommendations to repair or replace the components necessary to bring your roof back to better than brand-new condition. 

Detailed Notes and a Free Estimate 

Our roofing experts are going to conclude each home roof inspection with detailed notes, high definition photographs of worry areas, and a 100% free – and no strings attached – estimate to resolve any and all of the issues that we uncover. 

This layer transparency is an integral part of our roofing inspection service, helping our clients, customers, and most of all our neighbors better understand the next step forward.

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